jueves, 4 de enero de 2007

Excusas 101

Lamento no haber escrito en algun tiempo.... Mmm bueno, solamente no escribí ayer, para ser exacto. Pero sé que les resultará sumamente divertido leer una recopilación de excusas de varios blogs por no haber escrito. Aquí les van un par:

"mostly because my internet sucks ass up here in the apt." [LINK]
"I just don't enjoy it as much as I convince myself I do" [LINK]
"Both lazy & busy or just busy being lazy. " [LINK]
"more than the usual laziness was involved" [LINK]
So, I got paid twenty bucks to write this. " [LINK]
"I forgot my password..." [LINK]
"We are on 'vacation.'" [LINK]
"I've just been so damn busy at work, and tired, and sick, and pregnant." [LINK]
"I've been jousting with a computer virus for the last several days." [LINK]
"there isn't anything new about the adoption just the same old 'waiting game' " [LINK]

Pueden ver la lista de excusas desde "The F Blog"

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